Flow Assurance Engineering/Hydraulic Engineering Services

Flow Assurance-Hydraulic Engineering Sample

Avocado Engineering provides flow assurance engineering/hydraulic engineering services such as design, modeling and calculations of the hydraulic processes to ensure that the flow patterns and pressure losses in the system are at the optimized conditions.

Flow assurance calculations include pressure losses and drops, pump NPSHA and efficiency calculations, flow at the discharges of the nozzles and cannons, and pipe size selection and optimization to minimize the pressure losses in the system and maximize the pump efficiency. Process conditions associated with each hydraulic system are unique, as the altitude of each project changes and process piping design and flow patterns change. Other factors that affect the hydraulic system are process temperature, pump selection, pipe material selection (change in friction factor), etc. We work on mining and oil/gas projects to optimize the process conditions and associated costs. Simulation of the system before implementation of the project is a critical approach to make sure that the system will work at its optimum condition. See the below links:

Flow Assurance-Hydraulic Engineering Sample

Visit us on http://avocadoengineering.com/services/engineering-solutions.

Should you have any inquiry for any type of flow assurance engineering services including design, simulation, drafting and modeling, please fill the form below and we will respond to your inquiry shortly.


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