Supply of Thermocouple Extension Wire

We are pleased to advise that Avocado Engineering in corporation with our business partner and manufacturer supplies thermocouple extension wire and thermocouple wires as per customer’s requirements and specifications following the ANSI/ASTM E-230 or IEC 584-3 color codes. We work closely with our business partner and manufacturer to produce any specific thermocouple wires/extension wires and deliver to our customers internationally.

For instance, one of our customers has recently ordered 10,000 m of thermocouple extension wires (K-type), 2-cores with stranded tinned copper wire (7 strands and 0.2 mm diameter), with PVC insulation of 0.4 mm thickness –  THERMOCOUPLE WIRE: KX-PVC/PVC-2*7/0.2mm with the colour coding as per ANSI/ASTM E-230. We endeavor to minimize the lead time and delivery time to around 1-2 weeks from the receipt of the order, depending on the volume of the order.

Should you have any enquiries for any type of thermocouple wires/extension wires, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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