About Us

Avocado Engineering is a technology solutions and engineering management company based in Australia. The company delivers solutions and innovations to a wide variety of industrial and scientific fields such as chemical, mining, process design and mechanical engineering. Avocado Engineering finds sustainable and economic solutions for chemical processing, process design and waste management using a process driven approach and advanced technologies. In addition, we are supply chain solution experts. we are active in the supply of raw materials to a variety of industries such as plastics, coating, tyre, petrochemical, ceramics, steel manufacturing, water and wastewater treatment industries, power, oil and gas.

At Avocado engineering, we provide solutions to industries that produce waste materials to minimize waste production and the associated cost of waste management and processing. We specialize in designing integrated processes to manage the waste problems. We help companies to be clean and competitive in today’s market. We create engineered solutions for converting toxic and costly wastes into safe and valuable products.

Particularly, Avocado Engineering is specialized in the processing of zinc-bearing waste materials by hydrometallurgical & pyrometallurgical processes. In this area, we provide solutions to zinc-waste processing plants. We design processes to convert toxic zinc-bearing wastes such as zinc ash from galvanization plants into valuable zinc chemicals such as zinc oxide, zinc sulfate, zinc carbonate, zinc chloride and zinc nitrate.

Avocado Engineering combines science and technology to reach strategic engineering decisions. Avocado Engineering performs its activities in partnership with the associate partners and companies in Australia and overseas, aiming to achieve synergy that results in better products for the society and future.

Engineering solutions:

At Avocado Engineering, we provide chemical/process/mechanical-engineering solutions to oil/gas, mining and mineral processing, chemical, waste processing, water and wastewater industries. We look into simple and sustainable solutions to minimize waste production and energy consumption in processes.

Scientific & high-tech solutions:

At Avocado Engineering, we are aware of the cutting-edge technologies and how to manage the high-tech problems and provide the relevant solutions. As a result, we provide our clients with the most up-to-date solutions using the right tools and techniques.

Supply Chain Solution (Procurement & Trading):

At Avocado Engineering, we proactively support our clients in different industries in terms of supply of raw materials and technologies. All industries need feed materials and equipment for their operations. We provide long-term solutions to material and technology sourcing needs.

Visit us on www.avocadoengineering.com 


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