Engineering Services

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Avocado Engineering continuously provides engineering services such as design, simulation, drafting, modeling of industrial processes and manufacturing of certain process equipment to a wide range of industries. Our professional team of engineers and project managers are coupling their knowledge and experience in engineering areas to provide customer-oriented  services as per clients’ requirements. Our areas of engineering support include:

  • Process Engineering;
  • Mechanical Engineering;
  • Chemical Engineering;
  • Piping Engineering;
  • Civil Engineering;
  • Structural Engineering;
  • Electrical Engineering.

Avocado Engineering proudly works with her associate partners and companies in Australia and overseas to achieve the optimum design solutions and to minimise the cost of design and manufacturing of equipment required for the unit operations. We have developed an outsourcing system with our engineering business partners abroad to minimise the cost of design, simulation, drafting, modeling and manufacturing. In particular, Avocado Engineering offers engineering design & drafting/drawing solutions via outsourcing. Our team of process, chemical, mechanical, structural & civil, piping and electrical engineers are able to tackle wide range of engineering works with high productivity and superior delivery turnaround time, and more-importantly with a lower cost. In this area, we support engineering firms with 2D/3D CAD solutions, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, PDMS and many other engineering drafting, simulation and modeling softwares and packages. If you need certain jobs done by a specific software, we are more than happy to support you to fulfill your engineering needs.

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Should you have any inquiry for any type of engineering services including design, simulation, drafting, modeling and manufacturing, please fill the form below and we will respond to your inquiry shortly.


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