Gilsonite (Natural Bitumen)

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Avocado Engineering supplies various grades of  Gilsonite (Natural Bitumen – Asphalt-like Rock). Gilsonite has an extreme light weight, which makes it ideal for improving the performance of various materials and is used in different applications.

Gilsonite is used in applications such as oil/gas drilling mud and oil/gas cementing compositions, in asphalt compositions as a binder modifier, in pavement sealers, in anticorrosive paints and wood stains, in printing black inks, in foundry applications and in construction industry in asphalt-impregnated fiberboards (also known as concrete expansion joints).

Avocado Engineering in corporation with her business partners and mining companies is pleased to offer various grades of Gilsonite, in lump form or in fine powder forms, with various ash contents.

Ash content of the Gilsonite to be supplied can be less than 10% or less than 5% depending on the application and customer’s requirements. Fine powder form of 30-40 mesh size and also 200 mesh materials are available. For example asphalt companies use fine 200 mesh materials in their compositions.

Packaging of powder material can be in 25 kg bags and larger 1 MT bulk bags for Gilsonite lump product in FCL is also available for various destinations.

For further information and pricing, please contact us and we will respond to your inquiry shortly.


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