Guar Gum

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Avocado Engineering supplies various grades of  Guar Gum. Guar Gum is a natural product produced from Guar beans in the form of the powder. India and Pakistan are the largest producers of the guar gum in the world. Australia and the USA also produce a part of the world’s production of the guar powder.

Guar gum is natural polymer (polysaccharide), which is is used as the thickening or gelling agent in various industries. It has applications in oil/gas drilling operations (in drilling mud or in hydraulic fracking fluid), in food industry, in animal feed compositions, paper and textile industries, etc.

In Oil/Gas Drilling Operations, Guar gum powder is used as the viscosifier to modify and control the viscosity of the fluid due to its gelling properties when it comes in contact with water. In food industry, guar gum as a gluten-free product is also used as the thickening agent or to control the consistency of the food products.

Avocado Engineering works closely with the producers of guar gum powder in India and Pakistan for various applications. We are pleased to offer a complete range of the guar gum products to suit the customer’s requirements. Viscosity properties of the guar gum are quite important and each industry has its strict control on the use of the right viscosifier agent in their composition. We are pleased to supply various grades of guar gum with a range of viscosities. In particular, we are involved in the supply of the guar gum powder grades that are used in hydraulic fracturing (fracking) or oil/gas drilling mud compositions. Fracking fluid, for example, requires a strict control on the viscosity of the fluid during the operation and service companies use specific grades of guar gum or its derivatives to adjust the viscosity of the fracking fluid during their pumping stage.

We are pleased to offer a range of guar gum grades with various viscosity ranges for oil/gas operations as well as food grade products. Some of the grades used in oil/gas operations based on the brookfield viscosity for a 1% solution at 20 rpm at room temperature show the viscosities after 2 hours as follows:

  • 3500-4000 cps;
  • 5500-6000 cps
  • 6000-6500 cps;
  • 7000-7500 cps;
  • 8000-8500 cps.

Packaging Details: 

Products can be packed in 25 kg draft paper bags with inner poly liner. 20 MT of the material can be loaded in the 20 ft FCL without pallets. 15 MT of the material can be loaded in 20 ft FCL on pallets. Other types of packaging will be available, as per customer’s requirements.

For further information and pricing, please contact us and we will respond to your inquiry shortly.


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