Mixing Tank

Avocado Engineering is pleased to offer the manufacturing and procurement of various sizes of mixing tanks to different industries. Mixing barrel or mixing tank with agitator uses a rotating impeller, which is driven by the v-belt of the motor, and blends materials such as a slurry evenly. It is an important equipment that is applied for beneficiation processes, chemical, drug and dairy industries. For various types of ores and minerals such as in copper ore processing, mixing tanks are used for mixing before the flotation stage, or for the rinse stages and application of surfactants. It is suitable for a slurry with a pulp density of maximum 30% (by weight) and the size of fixed component of the slurry particles of less than 1 mm. It has a cylindrical radial circulation mechanical blending form with the spiral impeller and flat bottom.

Avocado Engineering in corporation with her manufacturing partners supplies a range of mixing tanks and all the accessories with any type of process capacities to suit the customers’ requirements. Material of Construction can be from carbon steel to stainless steel with necessary surface coatings, if required.

Typical specification of mixing tanks are as follows:

Mixing Tank ¢1000 mm
Diameter: 1000 mm
Effective Volume: 0.58 m³
Height: 1000 mm
Impeller Diameter: 240 mm
Rotation Speed: 530 rpm
Overall Size: 1300 mm x 1300 mm x 1665 mm
Weight: 0.75 t
Mixing Tank ¢1500 mm
Diameter: 1500 mm
Effective Volume: 2.2 m³
Height: 1500 mm
Impeller Diameter: 400 mm
Rotation Speed: 320 rpm
Overall Size: 1690 mm x 1690 mm x 2386 mm
Weight: 0.86 t

Should you have any inquiries regarding the mixing tanks and technical information (TDS), please fill the form below or email us and we will respond to your inquiry shortly.


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