Relief, Blowdown and Flare Modeling

Flare Network Modeling

At Avocado Engineeringour professional team of engineers model various operational scenarios of venting and relief of the hydrocarbon fluids via the flare network to minimize the risks of over-pressurizing of the process piping and equipment or to limit the pressure to a safe operational region.

We are pleased to work with your engineering teams to synergize the design and to support your design and optimize your equipment sizing under various modeling conditions using specialized softwares and packages such as FLARENET, FLARESIM, HYSYS dynamic simulator, PRO/II steady-state process simulator and PHAST.

Avocado Engineering is pleased to provide advice, consultation and simulation in conjunction with your designs done by your process design engineers. For more information, refer to the brochure below:

Relief and Blowdown System-Flaring

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Should you have any inquiry for any type of flow assurance engineering services including design, simulation, drafting and modeling, please fill the form below and we will respond to your inquiry shortly.


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