Avocado Engineering is pleased to announce that our professional team of engineers, project managers and manufacturing partners are able to provide engineering advice, design and manufacturing of the complete packages of the high pressure water jetting (also known as high pressure water blasting), which is an important industrial solution for efficient washing and cleaning of the industrial equipment such as shell/tube steam generators. The complete package is also known as the Sludge Lancing System, where a high pressure pump supplies water to the lancing equipment, which is used to jet water through the nozzles into the tubes of the boiler to clean the residues deposited inside of the boiler tubes. Please download our brochure of the sludge lancing system at: Sludge Lancing-High Pressure Water Jetting Brochure

We are able to customize packages as per customer’s specifications and requirements, and manufacture the customized systems to suit the field of application.

High pressure jetting (lancing) system may include the following modules:

  1. High pressure pumping module with for example a pressure of 420 bar and a flow rate of 140 lpm;
  2. Stainless steel storage tank to feed the HP pump module;
  3. Suction module equipped with a suitable pumping system of diaphragm pumps to remove the water and slurry from the steam generator during washing operation;
  4. Filtration module to trap the sludge removed from the steam generator by a train of filters, for example 10 micron, 5 micron and 0.5 micron threshold. This module is essential for recycling the water used in the system in a closed circuit;
  5. Buffer tank (settlement tank) to ensure the natural cooling of the water used in the washing system, allowing the heavy sludge to settle as well as regulating the flow rate of water to the filtration module;
  6. Cooling Module to cool the water in the storage tank to be fed into the pumping module and lancing equipment;
  7. High pressure hoses and nozzles used in the lancing system. Various types of nozzles, fittings and hoses are used such as fan jets, self-rotating nozzles, flex-lance nozzles and multilayer reinforced hoses.

Should you have any inquiry for any type of water jetting (sludge lancing) solutions including design and manufacturing, please fill the form below and we will respond to your inquiry shortly.