Zirconium Silicate

Avocado Engineering supplies zirconium silicate including zirconium silicate (5 microns) and zircon flour (325 mesh).

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Zirconium silicate (ZrSiO4) is a chemical material composed of silicate and zirconium. It is a hard material with Mohs hardness of around 7.5. Zirconium silicate is used in the refractory materials such as zircon porcelain and zircon brick. It provides corrosion resistance by alkali materials. It is also used in ceramics, enamels, frit and glaze compositions. In these applications it is used as an opacifier. It also provides wear resistance and surface finish to the ceramics. It is an ingredient of the tile glazes. In ceramics, it is used as an emulsifier for tiles (interior, exterior and floor tiles). It has applications in tableware such as in dinnerware, art ware and enamels. It is used in sanitary ware as well. It has various grades based on the particle size and composition. For frit manufacturing, the 325 mesh zirconium silicate is often used. This grade is also called zircon flour. Zircon flour is also used for investment casting coatings and ceramic mold core. For ceramic applications, in general, white zirconium silicate with a particle size of max. 5 microns is preferred. Specification of zirconium silicate (5 microns) and zircon flour 325 mesh are as follows:

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