Supply and Customization of Motorized Loft Ladder

Avocado Engineering supplies customized motorized Loft Ladder. Various sizes can be manufactured according to the customers’ specifications and requirements. For more details, contact us with your complete details so we can help you further.


Supply of Scissor Lifts, Cargo Lifts, Wheelchair lift and various industrial lifts

Avocado Engineering supplies various lifts and solutions to industries or for commercial applications. Scissor lift, Cargo Lifts, Car Lifts and wheelchair lifts can be proposed and supplied based on the customers’ specifications.

Should you have any lift requirements, please contact us and we will help you further.


Supply of Vacuum Conveying Systems

Avocado Engineering supplies vacuum conveying systems as per customers’ specifications and requirements. We supply to food packaging companies. Material can be food-grade stainless steel and can be used for grains such as almonds and various nuts. Vacuum conveying systems are used in various industries including chemical industry. We can help our clients with designs and supply of spares of vacuum conveying systems as well.

Should you have any requirements, please contact us and we will help you further.

Liquid Filling Services

Liquid Filling Services

Avocado Engineering is pleased to provide liquid filling services to customers that require fast, clean and efficient liquid filling of their products into containers. Avocado Engineering provides liquid filling services for example to clients for cosmetics such as creams, lotions and shampoos, also to customers for repacking from large containers into smaller bottles, jars or containers in the fastest and cleanest way. Our services are used for essential oil repacking and bottling or for viscous and non-viscous liquids. We use semi-automatic machines and can handle volumes between 10 ml to 300 ml capacity with high accuracy. We can fill PET bottles, jars and containers with high accuracy and in a shortest possible time using automatic systems.

Please visit our link HERE.


Supply of Spare Parts for Material Handling Equipment – Bucket Elevator, Chains, Etc.

Avocado Engineering supplies customized material handling equipment and associated spare parts such as complete bucket elevators, screw conveyors, belt conveyors, PP/PC buckets, fiberglass/PU or PVC belts, customized bucket elevator spare chains with materials such as SS 304, SS 316, bucket elevator gear systems, etc. We work on various material handling equipment and can help our customers with their specific requirements. Whether it is complete material handling equipment or just spare parts, Avocado Engineering can support the clients to receive the right equipment and parts.

Supply of Natural Zeolites

We are pleased to advise that we work with our partner companies and producers of Natural Zeolites and can supply various grades of natural zeolites for applications such as wastewater treatment, oil/gas, adsorption technologies, fertilizers and animal feed. Various sizings (powder, lumps and granulated form) can be supplied as per customer’s requirements and specifications. Processed materials to provide supplements into zeolite structure is also available as blended material formulations for example to provide nitrogen supplements for plants. Should you have any enquiries for the supply of natural zeolites with various specifications and pore sizes, please let us know and we will respond to your request shortly.


Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC – GFRC)

GRC corrugated panels

Avoplas is pleased to advise that we provide advice, design and manufacturing of GRC materials and supply solutions including the logistics of the GRC materials. We work closely with our strong GRC manufacturers and partners and can work on various construction and structural requirements. Applications of the GRC materials can be diverse. GRC panels for example are important architectural (non-structural) building blocks such as in facade panels of the buildings. GRC panels also serve as structural components of the buildings and structures.

Supply of Thermocouple Extension Wire

We are pleased to advise that Avocado Engineering in corporation with our business partner and manufacturer supplies thermocouple extension wire and thermocouple wires as per customer’s requirements and specifications following the ANSI/ASTM E-230 or IEC 584-3 color codes. We work closely with our business partner and manufacturer to produce any specific thermocouple wires/extension wires and deliver to our customers internationally.

For instance, one of our customers has recently ordered 10,000 m of thermocouple extension wires (K-type), 2-cores with stranded tinned copper wire (7 strands and 0.2 mm diameter), with PVC insulation of 0.4 mm thickness –  THERMOCOUPLE WIRE: KX-PVC/PVC-2*7/0.2mm with the colour coding as per ANSI/ASTM E-230. We endeavor to minimize the lead time and delivery time to around 1-2 weeks from the receipt of the order, depending on the volume of the order.

Should you have any enquiries for any type of thermocouple wires/extension wires, please don’t hesitate to contact us.